Santamaría, Mongo. Mongo in Havana. Fantasy 3311.

Side 1:
1. "Tele mina" for Changó. God of thunder.
2. "Olla de" for Olla, Wife of Changó
3. "Yemaya Olodo" for Olla, Mother of Changó
4. "Yeye-O" for Ochun, Counterpart of Venus
5. "Wole Nche" For Changó. God of Thunder.

Side 2:
1. "Agua Limpia" Guaguancó
2. "Ochun Mene" Columbia
3. "Mexico" Guaguancó
4. Mañana son mañana" Columbia
5. "Complicaciones" Guaguancó

Liner notes by William Bascom.

(Thanks to Mark Sanders.)

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